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2018 Academic Scholarships (Students Only)

Scholarship recipients will be announced in July via email. 

Self-Nominated Scholarships:   You assess which ones you qualify for and apply directly. Your school doesn't have to be affiliated with AHLEF.
  • American Express Scholarship  - Founded by American Express specifically for current lodging employees and their dependents. Open to full and part-time undergraduate students.
  • Ecolab Scholarship - Created by Ecolab to support full-time, undergraduate hospitality management majors.
  • Graduate Scholarship - Exclusively for graduate students.
  • Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging Management Students - Established by Hyatt for minority junior or senior students.
  • Incoming Freshman Scholarship - Exclusively for incoming freshmen. Funded by the PepsiCo Foundation, proceeds from Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) and monies from AHLEF New Century Campaign.
  • Opening Doors Scholarship - This scholarship program was created to disburse approximately $3.2 million of the campaign proceeds dedicated to academic scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded up to $7,500 depending upon enrollment status.
School-Nominated Scholarships   If you've been notified by a faculty member that you have been nominated by your school, be sure to check the appropriate box under "school-nominated" scholarships, as well as any other self-nominated ones you're interested in.
  • AHLEF Annual Scholarship Grant Program - The Foundation's largest program, the Annual Scholarship Grant Program, is co-administered with a group of universities and colleges affiliated with AHLEF.  Schools nominate students, who meet minimum eligibility criteria, to receive scholarships.
  • Arthur J. Packard Memorial Scholarship - Each affiliated four-year program nominates its best qualified student to compete in the national competition.
  • Rama Scholarship for the American Dream - The five Rama brothers, principals in the company, emigrated from India to pursue their American Dream. Thirteen schools are affiliated with this program and can nominate students.

AHLEF Scholarship Policy  
  1. Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate hospitality-related degree-granting program, with the exception of the Rama and Graduate scholarships, at a U.S. college or university.
  2. Full-time enrollment for all scholarships is defined as enrollment of 12 or more credit hours for both the upcoming fall and spring semesters. Part-time is considered less than 12 credit hours for one or both semesters, or full-time enrollment for fall semester only.
  3. Self-nominated scholarships do not require school nomination in order to be considered. School-nominated scholarships do require school nomination for consideration.
  4. It’s important that applicants complete all required sections of the application because they are scored on a combination of academic performance, hospitality work experience, financial need, extracurricular/professional activities, and honors, as well as personal attributes as defined in their career goal statement.
  5. Students who receive an award are paid in two equal installments per academic year. The first check is mailed in September and the second in December. Checks are issued jointly to the student and the school and must be endorsed by both. The scholarship checks, and certificates are sent directly to the university. Scholarships must be used exclusively for the payment of tuition, fees, and books. Any remaining funds must be returned to AHLEF. Any recipient who fails to meet the enrollment criteria or cancels his/her enrollment must notify AHLEF immediately