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2018 School Application (Schools Only)

Does Your School Want to Apply for Affiliate Status?
The Annual Scholarship Grant Program is AHLEF’s largest scholarship program, which is co-administered with a core group of hospitality management programs. Currently, our 70 affiliated colleges and universities receive an annual grant allocation to award to their students: an average of $7,500 to four-year institutions, and $4,000 to two-year programs. In return, these schools have agreed to help us with the administration by selecting the student recipients (based upon minimum criteria) and making sure AHLEF receives the appropriate documentation. Be sure to review the 2018 Scholarship Manual to give your school an idea of the responsibilities to which you agree to assist in the administrative process.  In 2018, the Annual Scholarship Grant Program has a budget of $610,000.  

AHLEF is limited in the number of schools it can accept into the program based upon the amount of available scholarship funding. Every three to five years, the committee reviews the schools currently participating and, also accepts applications from new schools.  The last review was undertaken in 2014.  
All participating schools and new schools are required to complete an online school application, which collects information regarding the following: 
  • Degrees offered 
  • Number of students enrolled and graduating the program 
  • Program faculty 
  • Student placement in the industry 
  • Hotels recruiting on campus 
  • Program accreditation 
In order to complete the school application, you will need to enter information regarding your school's: 
  • Top five hospitality-related programs, including the number of students enrolled (current yr, last yr, and project next yr) and graduates (2017, 2016, 2015) 
  • Program Faculty, including the number of full-time and part-time members as well as the profiles for up to five senior members. 
  • Student Placement for 2017, 2016, 2015 (number of total graduates and placements within the industry) 
  • Recruitment, including the 
    • Top 20 hospitality related companies that recruit your graduates. 
    • Accreditation (ACPHA, AACSB, ACSBP AND OTHER) 
    • Participation in AHLEF Scholarship Programs. 
Since AHLEF relies on schools to distribute its scholarship information to their students, be sure to encourage your students to apply for self-nominated scholarships. The number of students applying from each school will be factored into the review process.  The deadline date for school applications is April 15th.